September 22, 2013

Beekeeper 2.0

To anyone who happens to be reading this, hello! I know that I haven't blogged since the springtime (up until this week, I haven't knitted since then either), but I'd like to start doing so again. 

On Friday I was going through some patterns whilst cleaning my room and came across the pattern for The Beekeeper's Quilt and just kind of decided to start it up again. I did have a few hexagon puffs from back when I originally started it, around February, but I don't think that I'll be able to use them because I used a different needle size (3.75mm) for them than I am now (3.25mm). 

I only have six as of now, but here's a picture of one of my favorites. 

The yarn used for this one was Malabrigo's Merino Worsted, one of my favorite yarns. It comes in rich colors, the plies don't split and it's so soft and nice to use. Definitely recommend it!

For the rest of my hexipuffs, I'm just using misc. worsted weight yarn scraps from leftover projects.

I would definitely recommend this pattern (here's the Ravelry page for it if you want to check it out!). It's so versatile and great if you just want to work on a little project to take a break from a larger one (these usually take me about forty five minutes for one).

Thanks for reading!
Also, this is a little random and not knitting related, but would you guys like it if I blogged about other subjects? Photography and just my daily life for example. I think that doing so might work out pretty good for me because I'm not always knitting and I would still be able to blog. Let me know what you think!

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog! And I love your photography. :)

    AYarnfulLife on Ravelry




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