May 25, 2011

Yarn Bombin' Our Mailbox

OH YEAH!! I just finished ''yarn bombing'' our mailbox! I just hope it doesn't rain anytime soon.

May 18, 2011


Earlier Daddy heard something in the corner of the barn and it was a kitten!! We took him inside and put him in a little box. :) He's TINY and black. Here's what he looks like:

May 7, 2011


Last night was our choir performance!! It was really fun! First..... we went to the Holding Room where all the Concert Choir and Intermediate Choir girls were. It got so cramped in there! Maybe because it was the Preschool room. We waited for 30 minutes then we went through the hair and makeup room to backstage. No one could really see anything, but the person that was watching us was holding up a flashlight and her phone for light. We waited again for 15 minutes. I wonder if anyone out there could see the curtains moving.... Anyway.. it was time for the ''mighty'' medieval man to go out and we were (quietly) laughing when King Arthur said, ''WAR!!'' I don't exactly remember, but I know it wasn't in the script! Here's what I looked like:

May 3, 2011

Chalk Stuff

 We were outside earlier playin' with chalk. Here's what I did:


                                         (25 MPH
                                         KIDS DEMAND):

                          (SLOW DOWN!! (PLEASE?)
                           Order of the kids.):

Oh, and isn't this an awesome picture: (Taken by me. :) )


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