August 15, 2012

Herbert Makes His Etsy Debut

I know, I know. It's been FOREVER since I've blogged on here. I apologize for my absence!

So to make you less mad at me (hehe), here's Herbert! I made him around Mother's Day, but I finally got around to taking pictures of him tonight. I crocheted him with some yarn I dyed with Kool Aid. I liked the colors and thought it would be cute for a frog :)

This evening, Herbert made his Etsy debut! You can see him here: linky link!

...and a couple weeks ago, I got some super cute project bags in the mail! Mellisa from an awesome Etsy store called The Ploverbird kindly gifted them to me. She sent me two, but I only have pictures of the larger one.

The first one has really cute people from all around the world on it :)

This one's nice and room- perfect for bigger projects. I love my bags :) 

You should check out her store! (There's a link above...) Her bags are cute, well made, and inexpensive too!


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