June 11, 2012

Coupon Code Results!

It's time to announce the results of the Stacey Trock coupon code giveaway! The winner will be be chosen via a random number generator. The winner is...

Commenter #7, Kaitlin! Congrats! I'll let Stacey know, and she can send it to you. Thanks everyone for entering, and thanks again Stacey for the interview!

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June 4, 2012

Stacey Trock Interview

If you read the title, you'd know that this post is an interview about crochet designer, Stacey Trock. ;) You may recognize that name from her books, Crochet Softies and Cuddly Crochet. Have you seen her blog or Etsy store? Her blog has great crochet advice, tutorials, and tons more. Her Etsy store has cute amigurumi patterns and DIY kits, so you can make your own adorable creation. Links...

- Blog -
- Etsy -
- Ravelry -

(click on each picture to go to the Ravelry pattern page)
Me: Thanks for coming! How long have you been crocheting, and how did you learn?
Stacey: I learned to crochet when I was about 6 years old... my mom taught me the basics of chainging, sing crocheting, increasing and decreasing. As I got older, I learned more advanced stitches from books from the library (it was before the internet!).

Gordon (aka Sting) the Jellyfish
Me: You have a surplus of amigurumi patterns, but what else do you like to design?
Stacey:  Hahaha...a surplus! That's a fantastic way of putting it :) When you design as a business, there's a long way in between coming up with a design and getting that design ready for publication. A published pattern needs to be tested, edited and photographed. So, even though I design lots of things (for myself, personally) not as many make it as published patterns. I've designed hats and little children's clothing in knitting, and I've always dreamed up new things for crochet. I love designing things for kids... new ideas for crocheted afghans are always coming to me!
Salty the Crocodile
Me: What's your favorite design of yours?
Stacey: I'd have to say that Nelson the Owl is one of my favorites. Everyone seems to love him, and it makes me so happy to see the versions that others make! I'm also a sucker for snails... so both Milton (in my book, Crocheted Softies) and Martin the Snail are person favorites.
Easy Peasy Socks for First-Timers
Me: Do you have any other hobbies other than knitting/crocheting?
Stacey: I do! I love sewing and almost any other crafty thing you can think of... I'd dabbled in tatting, locker hooking, beaded flowers... variety is the spice of life! I also like baking, running and doing yoga.
Maple the Moose
Me: Do you have a favorite yarn brand to work with?
Stacey: Oh, it's so hard to choose! I love Blue Sky Alpacas and Spud and Chloe: they're organic yarns in fabulous colors. I also always have tons of Ella Rae Classics (a nice 100% wool yarn) on hand for my stuffed animals. Shepherd's Wool is another fabulous yarn.... 100% American-process merino.
Tuskegee the Walrus
Me: How many WIP's do you have right now?
Stacey: Not too many, actually! I have 2 amigurumi WIPs in progress (I usually only have one, but I'm waiting for some to come in the mail!) and one knitting project. My knitting project is for fun... a pair of socks that are portable and fun to knit on the go.
Zork the Alien
Me: What's your inspiration for your designs?
Stacey: I wish I knew! I know it sounds trite, but they just come to me! I'm absolutely in love with cartoon-y style that you'll see in a lot of Japanese books/designs... nice round circular shapes and bright colors. My designs are mostly 'cartoony', so funnily enough, real life animals aren't a big inspiration for me. Of course, I adore animals, but my designs aren't typically motivated by animals I see out in the real world.
Stretch the Giraffe 
Me: Do you have a favorite technique to use?
Stacey: The sloppy slip knot! I began doing it by accident... but it's really a quick and easy way to begin crocheting amigurumi. A lot of people find techniques such as the magic ring confusing or difficult, so I'm always teaching newbies about the sloppy slip knot. :)
Mr. Crabby
And now for a coupon code giveaway! Like the other interviews, I'll be having a giveaway to win a Ravelry coupon code to pick out one of Stacey's patterns for free. To enter, just comment below! Remember to give an email (or if you have one, a Ravelry username, and then you can just message me it), so she'll know who to send it to. The giveaway will run from today, June 4th to June 11th.

Thanks a bunch Stacey for the interview and giveaway! I realize that the patterns above are almost all patterns from her book, Crochet Softies. Oops!


June 3, 2012

Puerperium Baby Sweater and What I Want to Knit

I finally made a project page on Ravelry and took pictures of my finished Puerperium Cardigan. I feel bad about doing that just now, because I finished it in February... Anyways, here's pictures.

The lighting of the pictures doesn't really do it justice, it's a little more brighter. Oh, and that safety pin is there to hold the collar down, because I haven't blocked it yet. 

I really want to knit socks. I've never knitted socks before, and lately I've had this strange urge to search for patterns... I found three that I like (I really only meant to find just one),

1. Anklet Socks by Jessica Marks
2. Vanilla Latte Socks by Virginia Rose-Jeanes
3. Just Yer Basic Sport Weight Sock by Alyson Johnson 

So anklet socks, latte socks, and sport weight socks... Which one do you think I should make?


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