April 30, 2011


It turns out Patty, Big Red and Alfalfa are roosters. :/ We might keep them if they don't fight or if they're loud. OH, I HOPE WE CAN KEEP PATTY!! I love him! He loves the camera! Okay, I should be getting ready for bed. Gotta be up by 6:30! :/ (Oh and it's not 7:21, the time is wrong on here)

April 20, 2011

Nugget Pics

Nugget has a little tail now! Well, you can see it anyway! He's gotten bigger too!

April 14, 2011

Rosy and ''No Name''

Well, that's what I think we should name one of them! The other one doesn't have a name yet though. We got two more chicks earlier! They're the same as Big Red. I think Em is going to keep one of them in case her's is a rooster. And.... Oh.My.Gosh. I saw these ADORABLE chicks at Atwoods! They were TINY and SOOOO cute! Nugget got  pretty big too! You can see his wings  and his tail now! When we were at Atwoods, I saw one that was tiny and one that was bigger than he is now. So, I guess I know what he'll look like soon!

April 7, 2011

Chick Pictures

Here's mine, Nugget:  Ouch, I just realized that ''nugget'' sounds like ''chicken nugget''. Oops.
And the whole gang:
Man, those are bad pictures.....

April 5, 2011


We got chicks at Atwoods earlier! They're SOOO cute! I named mine Nugget! He's grey and his head is yellow. He's the ''baby'' of the family since he's the smallest. We were holding them 10 minutes ago or so and he felt so tiny! I'll post pictures soon....

April 1, 2011


Yay! Today is my birthday!! Grandma Black is coming soon. Me and Em accidetaly went to bed at 10:30 last night, oops. But, hey, it's my birthday! So, it's okay right? I finished reading Pollyanna last night too. That's mostly why we were up last night! Now, I want to watch the movie...it's been sitting in my library bag (A.K.A Book Bag) for a week now. I don't know when I'm gong to watch it since my Grandma will be here. I think my cake is going to be chocolate, with chocolate frosting, with chocolate chips inside and fonont on top! I like my chocolate....


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