September 2, 2012


Entrelac projects made look intimidating for someone who's never done it... raises hand But it's easier than it seems! By picking up stitches, and using SSK and K2tog, you can achieve a basketweave texture that's great for just about any kind of project.

After seeing some super pretty projects that use entrelac knitting, I decided to figure out how it's done! :) So this morning I picked out some yarn to knit a sample with, printed out the Entrelac Scarf pattern, and grabbed my iPod (I like to listen to music while knitting...).

The Entrelac Scarf pattern (linked above) was a great pattern. It was easy to understand for someone who's never done it before, like me! I would definitely recommend it.

I'll definitely be doing this again, but maybe on a larger scale next time, instead of this swatch. I have a pillow from Joanns that does need a pillow case... maybe I'll do a entrelac pillow case?

I also learned how to do Judy's Magic Cast On (which is truly magical! :), so maybe I'll do a post about that, too.


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