April 16, 2012

Thunder Up!

Last night there were tornado, severe thunderstorm and hail (not just ping pong sized hail, baseball sized hail. I like to think of it like baseballs falling from the sky.) warnings here in OK. Ah, the wonderful advantages of living in tornado alley. Luckily we just got thunderstorms!

When you're stuck inside because it's A) Wet. Oh so wet. B) Muddy. C) Just plain gloomy and sad, you get really bored. I don't really have any project going on right now other than I few small ones, so I got really bored.

I have an extra OKC Thunder shirt from last season's playoffs, and I've been wanting to make a bag out of it. Now, this is just some tween fantasy.

Let's face it: I can't sew to save my life. But I can backstitch VERY uneven squares together to make bags. That's just about as good as it gets. I have a sewing machine from the 1950's, I just can't sew. You would think that having that in my room, calling my name, would make me want to learn. But, no, I just can't. I'm much better working with yarn than fabric.

But I was bored and I really wanted to just try and do it. We're going to get more playoffs shirts in the next couple of weeks anyways... So I did it! Yay! And I actually like how it turned out.

The only downside is the big black line running down the right side... Oops!

And I accidentally got the COX part of the shirt on it. 

I like it. :) 

On a Thunder note...  the Thunder is #1 in the Western Conference! Yay!

(Oh, pretend I posted this yesterday! I forgot to take pictures of the bag. :)

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