June 8, 2011

Yarn Dyeing

I dyed yarn with orange Kool-Aid the other day. The first try, I did everything, but then realized I didn't use WOOL YARN. So, I was washing it out in the sink and the color washed right out of it! So, then I tried wool yarn and it worked! I really like it!

The Kool-Aid:

First, we washed it in a pan in the sink:

Then we let it soak while we put the Kool-Aid in a pot. And, MAN, that stuff smelled like oranges!:

Next, we put the yarn in with the Kool-Aid:

Hehe, it looks like yarn-spaghetti:

Then it sat in the pot for 30 minutes and washed it in the pan in the sink (when I did this with not wool yarn, the color just came right out!). Then we wrapped it into a ball. It was so tangled! We wrapped it around the back of a chair to dry overnight next. And in the morning I wrapped it into a ball and it was finally done!!

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