April 26, 2012

3KCBWDAY4 - A Knitter for All Seasons

Day four's topic is...

"As spring is in the air in the northern hemisphere and those in the southern hemisphere start setting their sights for the arrival of winter, a lot of crocheters and knitters find that their crafting changes along with their wardrobe. have a look through your finished objects and explain the seasonality of your craft to your readers. Do you make warm woollens the whole year through in preparation for the colder months, or do you live somewhere that never feels the chill and so invest your time in beautiful homewares and delicate lace items. How does your local seasonal weather affect your craft?"

Reading through that, I realized that I do make gloves and hat all year round. I don't want to end up just starting them right as Winter hits, I guess. I like to make just about anything year round, like shawls in January or cowls in August. During Springtime I like to make tote bags, amigurumi

To start this post off, I'd like to say that I knit items that have nothing to do with the season that it may be. Like, once I knit a cowl in August, and a shawl in January. 

In the summer and spring I like to get a headstart on winter items such as fingerless gloves and cowls. (I'm not a big scarf fan), just because I don't like to start making cozy things right as winter hits.

In the summer I always seem to go through my yearly bag phase. I love making tote bags using fun colors that fit in with the season.

Post-winter items are what I like to make in the spring. You never know if it's going to be chilly or if it'll be really warm (but not quite hot...), so I like to have fingerless gloves ready to keep my oh-so-chilly hands warm. (Man, I need to go to bed...)

Amigurumi is always in season of course! I recently made a cute springtime-y owl, and do you remember December 2012 when I made the candycane frog?

So all in all I like to make things that have nothing to do with the season it might be, just because. 

And because it's already 10:00 PM, I shall rap up this short post with goodnight. yawn

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