February 6, 2012

The Jumbled Up Post

I'm just going to cram a few posts together. Did anyone watch the Super Bowl last night? :) I love the E-Trade baby commercials.

I made a little heart yesterday from Anna Hrachovec's pattern, Hearts. I used some Malabrigo yarn for it. :) I've felted it twice, but it just turned out kind of fuzzy. Here's the pictures before I did:

And I crocheted a cowl last night/this morning with more Malabrigo yarn. Once I was done with the cowl and heart, I still had a little ball of yarn left. Yay! The pattern for the cowl should be up soon.

And now for random pictures. I took this picture while I was photographing my cowl:

I like it. :) And now for some pictures of Lucy, our dog. She cracks me up sometimes!

That's Lucy our dog, licking her mouth.

Barney doing kitty yoga and his sleep face.

Charlie is always watching. 

Then there's Ducky (Yes, DUCKy the chicken).

Okay, I'm done rambling with pictures. 

1 comment:

  1. Lol, the pictures of of the animals are funny!



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