January 2, 2012

Project Attack!

Happy New Year! Can you believe it's already 2011 12?

On New Years Eve, we went to a yarn store named Twist in Kansas. While we were there I got three skeins of Cascade 220 in "Blue Hawaii" to make a sweater called February Lady Sweater. If you're on Ravelry, you've most likely seen it--it has 11,582 projects! So far I've done two repeats out of sixteen of rows 5 and 6.

Yes, those are crochet stitch markers on my knitting project. 

And I'm crocheting Citron using Noro Kureyon Sock I got for Chrismas. The colors are so nice! 

This one's pretty funny:

I crocheted a bracelet with licorice. 

Yes, I did. It was so funny! Who knew you could turn this...

...into this:

You can eat your yarn, and your project!
And the LAST topic of this post...

You know those little hand sanitizers you can buy at Bath and Body Works for a buck? Well, me and my sister might have one...

.... or three...or five...or seven.

And you know those cute little, rubber covers you can get for them?

Well, yesterday in the car, I crochet one! Not the hand sanitizer, the cozy.

I'm considering publishing this one. :)

It's so cute! 

Okay, I'm done rambling on with pictures and such like that. Happy New Year!


  1. I love everything! ;) Haha. The hand sanitizer cozy is really cute!

  2. The licorice bracelet is pure genius. I love the hand sanitizer cozy! If you need testers I'd love to crochet it. :)

  3. Your bracelets are awesome, and so is your shawl. :)

  4. Now, Abby how exactly did you weave ends? LOL! :)



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