January 11, 2012

New Blog Name!

Yes, I changed the name of my blog. It used to be Abigail's Crochet World, but now it's Fiber Doodle thanks to the help of my sister. It's perfect, because it's not specifically knitting or crocheting, just fibers. And I love to doodle. :)

A couple cool things coming up are...

• And interview with a designer (not saying who yet)

• Sanitize! should be up soon

• And a cute header too!

And a shop is in progress!


  1. All you have to do to change the URL is to go to your settings for this blog (I don't know which tab, so you have to check each one), and it will show up with your current blog name and you can type the new one it.

  2. That's awesome! I like the new name.

  3. What do you mean by shop? You have or are getting an etsy shop?



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