January 14, 2012

Cheezombie Interview

I'm thinking about interviewing a designer every month. :) Let's see how long it'll last though.

I've recently asked a fellow designer, Cheezombie, if I could interview her on my blog. She said yes, so here it is! Cheezombie has some adorable (and even squee-dorable) amigurumi designs ranging from manta rays to veggies. And at the end, there's a giveaway! Info at the bottom. 

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(Click on each picture to view pattern page)

Me: Thanks for being here! How long have you known to knit and how did you learn?

CZ: Thank for having me :D I learned to knit about 10 years ago from a "Knitting for Dummies" book.

Cheezombie 2012 (c)

Me: What's your favorite yarn to use?

CZ: My absolute fave is hand dyed yarn I get from Aspen Moon Arts, but I'm a sucker for anything fuzzy or multi-colored too. 

Cheezombie 2012 (c)

Me: Do you have any other hobbies besides knitting?

CZ: Graphic novels (aka comic books). You never outgrow books with pictures.

Cheezombie 2012 (c)

Me: How many projects are you working on right now? 

CZ: I have a half finished Calavera Skull wall hanging, a third of a wonderful double knit rainbow scarf, parts of several fuzzy lobsters, and a few other things I can't think of right now. I always seem to be knee deep in UFO's! 

Cheezombie 2012 (c)

Me: Amigurumi seems to be your favorite thing to knit, but are there any other things you enjoy making?

CZ: I love trying new types of projects that use a new skill. Like right now I'm way into double knitting. I'm using DK techniques and following charts, both of which I've never really done before. 

Also, illusion knitting is awesome! It's so incredible how just some strategically placed purls cane make a hidden image! I just did a baby blanket that has a teddy bear on it if you look at it from an angle.

Cheezombie 2012 (c)

Me: What's your inspiration for your designs?

CZ: Cartoons. Caffeine. An overbundance of adorable pets. Spending waaay too much time on sites like lolcats and funnyjunk. Cake. Random images found while doing a completely unrelated Google search. 

Cheezombie 2012 (c)

Me: What's your favorite (okay, maybe top three) things you've knitted?

CZ: It's impossible to say, without risking a total plushie revolt at my house... (But Jumpy Jerboa just kills me with cute! Shhhh!)

Cheezombie 2012 (c)

Me: Do you think you'll take your knitting any farther in the future? Such as book, yarn, etc?

CZ: I would really like to create a hydrothermal vent soft sculpture covered in all the little (and big) critters that live there. It's so fascinating how so much life can thrive in the intense conditions. So I need to knit tube worms, furry lobsters, brittle stars, glass shrimp, snails...

Cheezombie 2012 (c) 

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Well, that's the interview! Thank you Cheezombie! Haha, I love where she gets her inspiration. :)  I realized that some of the questions are the same as another interview I saw. Oops. Also, check out the Slug Love group on Ravelry.

Now for the giveaway! Comment below saying what you love about Cheezombie's patterns. I love their eyes! On Saturday the 21st, I'll randomly select a winner, and they will get a coupon code to pick a pattern from Cheezombie's store!


  1. I love that she tries to design them so there is as little seaming as possible!

  2. I love that the patterns are quick to knit!

  3. I adore the uniqueness of the subjects. Jumpy Jerboa and the slugs have such quirky personalities!

  4. MrsAdriana from RavelryJanuary 15, 2012 at 6:04 AM

    I'm working on making all of Cheezombies patterns...I have made 6 of her designs so far and I have made multiples of the Garden Slug and Sheepish. Fabulously written patterns. Definitely a fan. :0)

  5. Her patterns have taught me so much about knitting and done so in a very painless and enjoyable way.

    I learned a lot more about short rows, shaping, directional increasing and decreasing from making her seahorse and slug designs than I have from any book, video, or other knit item.

    Her instructions are very easy to understand and she's very thorough as I don't think she recycles photos on tutorials, it looks like she takes new pics for each and every pattern. She's a stellar educator as well as designer and artist.

  6. I agree, their eyes are my favorite!

  7. I love the cuteness of her designs and the way that they're not like anything else you can make.

    Rachel (yarngirl99 on Ravelry)

    1. I agree! I love the googley eyes and will join the giveaway!

  8. They're all so adorable! :)

    atwistedstitcher on Ravelry

  9. Great interview! :)

    I love that so many of them are creatures that aren't traditionally "cute" - slugs, clams, flounders! :)

    (dolorousrattus on ravelry)

  10. I love that they are small critters with HUGE personalities!



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