November 17, 2011

Someone Put a Bedroom in my Yarn!

Emma posted on her blog, Winging It, where she keeps her and her mom's stash, and she inspired me to too. :)  I keep it all in a portion of a bookshelf in my room (the bookshelf is a wall wide, so there's plenty of room for new creations!).

Here's the main part of it all. It's kind of a mess right now though! The fiber cloud is contained in a plastic bag, as you can see.

Off to the side there's random projects, and hand dyed/swap yarn/birthday yarn.

And of course there's my Knit Picks magazine cutouts! I love Pallete...

After traveling across the east coast, Chirpy is glad to be home.

Now for some Barney pictures! That wasn't in the title, huh?

He sneeks....

And he wants out!

[Insert adorable picture of him sleeping here.] Oh, wait, I accidentally deleted it! 


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